Main Functions of National Education Policy Commission

(1) To set national education objectives and formulate education policies

(2)  To form the National Curriculum Committee, the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Committee,

committee formed in accordance with Article 27, other committees, councils and organizations which are

necessary to implement the objectives of national education and to assign responsibilities to them

(3)  To evaluate the implementation of the education system, policies and projects; and to provide suggestions

(4)  To formulate policies and provide directives in order to identify the criteria for quality assurance

(5)  To negotiate with government and regional administrative bodies to obtain funds and assistance for the

education sector

(6)  To formulate policy in order to obtain local and international funds and assistance for the education sector

and utilize them

(7)  To formulate policies for the opening, suspension and closure of schools

(8)  To co-ordinate the education projects ofthe Ministry of Education and related ministries

(9)  To submit the reports on the activities of the Commission to PyidaungsuHluttaw and the government at

least twice a year