To upgrade the Education Sector in Myanmar and to systematically implement Education targets, the Union Parliament enacted the National Education Law in September, 2014. The objectives of National Education are set in Chapter (2) of this law and the principles of education are set in Chapter (3). According to section (5) of chapter (4), National Education Policy Commission was formed as an independent body so that the Ministry of Education and Line Ministries can implement the national education system in accordance with education policies and principles.

         In accordance with the approval of 2ndPyidaungsuHluttaw held on 16th September, 2016, the National Education Policy Commission, according to Order (62/2016) of 28th September, 2016, was formed with scholars who have taken responsibilities in different education sectors for a long period and who have also had educational and international experiences: (8) members from Higher Education sector, (7) members from Basic Education sector, (2) members from Technical and Vocational Education and Training sector, (1) member from Medical sector, (1) member from Agricultural sector, (1) member from Veterinary sector and (1) member from Law sector.